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Are we ready for the future?

TEDxKULeuven is proud to present “Entering a New Era | Are we ready for the future?”

Everything’s changing, we live in a new normal, nothing will be the same again, … Those are some of the statements that have marked 2020 and will mark the rest of 2021 as long as we deal with the global impact of COVID-19. How should we make sense of these changes? What can we expect? Are we truly entering a new era? Are we ready for the future? What will fields such as innovation, education, cybersecurity, personal work & efficiency, science, … look like over the coming few decades?

Many such questions and uncertainties are interwoven with our current views on the future, that’s why it is more important than ever to think and talk about it, to listen to others’ views on it, and to challenge each other’s assumptions as we go along.

On the 13th of May 2021, TEDxKULeuven is a platform where such discussions and talks will be held and you can be a part of it!