X-tra Time - TEDxKULeuven on air!

X-tra Time is the official podcast of TEDxKULeuven, an independently organized TEDx event at the University of Leuven. In this podcast, we invite multidisciplinary experts to talk about present societal issues and initiatives and, especially, about what the future may hold for us. As our events are held in and around the university campuses, we focus our conversations in particular on next-gen and youth activism.

Hosted by: Julius Schelstraete & Miklas Decock
Produced by: Baptist Devos
Music by: Paul Depuydt

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Podcast guests

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Jonathan Berthe

"The commoditization of technology is the natural flow of new technology in the sense that people will stop talking about it. Nobody is, for example, talking about electricity, nobody says that it has bad sides as well, that it can power computers of hackers or put people on the electric chair, for the simple reason that it’s obvious. It’s part of our lives, part of who we are. And that will be the same with AI in a few years." Listen to our unedited interview with Jonathan Berte, CEO and founder of Robovision We talked about the role of AI in tackling COVID, about Elon Musk & Nick Bostrom, our 'blind' trust in technology, and much more.

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Dirk De Wachter

"Come out of your bulb of thinking you're fantastic, that's not true. You're not fantastic, you're OK. But there are problems in the world, so see what you can do. Engagez-Vous!" Listen to our first episode of X-tra Time for an unedited interview with Belgian psychiatrist: Dirk De Wachter. We asked professor De Wachter about his book “borderline times”, about the future and the next generation, and about what's essential in life.

Romanie Cnockaert
Romanie Cnockaert

"As a team of engineering students, we want to build the best car and win these races but obviously there's also a deeper mission. By developing these new cars we attempt to combine innovative ideas of bright engineering minds with Belgian international technologies. Our team also hopes to inspire the entrepreneurial minds of today's generation." Listen to our unedited interview with Romanie Cnockaert, an engineering student specializing in computer sciences and electrical engineering at the KUL. We talked about her role in the Agoria Solar Team and their latest victory in the iLumen European Solar Challenge, about sustainability, the difference between solar racing and F1/F2, and much more.

Stephanie Reynders
Stephanie Reynders

"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been, not a selling point, but a personal goal for me tied with a sense of responsibility to create a sustainable brand. What we are seeing is these big brands who put a sustainability sticker on their clothes but that doesn't reflect how sustainable it really is, it goes much further than that. It's more about your business approach, about the shipping, packaging, how you construct the clothes, & what happens to them when you throw them away."

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Bart Preneel

"In our IT systems, we are changing the power structure of society and we should revert that. I think each of us has a responsibility as a citizen to make sure this happens in a correct way. We can make decisions, small and large, to make sure that this power relation can be reverted again and that we don't give up our power just to get access to a digital world." Listen to our conversation with professor Bart Preneel, encryption specialist and crypto-analyst at the KULeuven. We talked about the US elections (obviously), online privacy, the Snowden leaks, cryptocurrency, and much more.

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Tom Vos

"Some people have the conception that negotiation is about winning from the other party, that you need to be tough and prepared not to give in. The idea is that experienced negotiators will rip you off or use tricks to manipulate you. The theory that we teach, however, which is the principled method of negotiation, is not about that at all. It's firstly more looking at negotiation as a way to collaborate, and secondly it's 90% about empathy and active listening." Listen to our conversation with Tom Vos, Phd researcher at the KUL and co-founder of the LCM student association.

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Clo Willaerts

"Digital marketing has one upside and one downside. The upside is that everything can be measured, and the downside is that everything can be measured. In the 'Madmen era' you could come up with 2 brilliant campaigns a year and put them on a billboard sign with the selling point that 150k people had the opportunity to see it. Nowadays, with a banner campaign, you can see how few people actually click on this banner (0.02 % clickthrough)" Listen to our conversation with Clo Willaerts, a digital marketing expert and program manager at the 'Karel de Grote hogeschool'. We talked about the generation gap in the 1970's and 80's, about the early computer days, TikTok, highly advanced chatbots, the marketing industry, and much more.

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